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Yin Yang Table Set ( 3pc ) - TARRASH

Yin Yang Table Set ( 3pc )

"Introducing the Yin Yang Table Set, a stunning masterpiece where contrasting elements meet in perfect harmony. With a white high-gloss mirror finish on the Ying side and pure gold leaf...
Swiss Brass Coffee Table - TARRASH

Swiss Brass Coffee Table

"Discover the Swiss Brass Coffee Table, meticulously crafted from brass with a polished finish. Elevate your space with this piece that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. Visit us...
Fono Coffee Table - TARRASH

Fono Coffee Table

Rs.95,000.00 Rs.45,000.00
"Introducing the Fono Golden High Gloss Coffee Table, a masterpiece that blends sophistication and creativity. With a sleek black top adorned with golden prints, this table adds a touch of...
Hand Painted Coffee Table - TARRASH

Hand Painted Coffee Table

Rs.55,000.00 Rs.35,000.00
"Discover the artistry of our hand-painted coffee table, where each stroke tells a story. Elevate your space with this unique piece that adds a touch of creativity and charm. Visit...
Sultan Table Set 3pc - TARRASH

Sultan Table Set 3pc

Rs.300,000.00 Rs.150,000.00
Indulge in the opulence of our Sultan table set, meticulously crafted from Sheesham wood and adorned with a lustrous veneer high gloss top. The gold leaf finish adds a touch of...
Romba Table Set 3pc - TARRASH

Romba Table Set 3pc

"Introducing the Romba Table Set, where the elegance of brass meets the allure of black marble. Meticulously crafted, this set adds a touch of luxury to your space. Visit us...

"Discover the art of gathering with our diverse range of table sets. From classic to contemporary, each set is a statement of design and functionality. Visit us to explore a world of possibilities and find the table set that perfectly complements your space and style. 🪑🌟🏠✨"