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Abellona Decorative Pot - TARRASH

Abellona Decorative Pot

"Introducing the Abellona Round Illuminated Pot, a masterpiece crafted from stone that radiates light. Elevate your decor with this pot that adds a touch of enchantment and charm. Visit us...
Demi Stone Luminous Stone Pot - TARRASH

Demi Stone Luminous Stone Pot

Elevate your decor with the Demi Decorative Stone Pot that lights up, a harmonious blend of artistry and illumination. This piece adds a touch of enchantment to any space, creating...
Syrax Egg - TARRASH

Syrax Egg

"Unveil the mystical charm of Syrax, a stone Dragon Egg that illuminates with enchantment. This masterpiece adds a touch of fantasy and intrigue to your space. Visit us to explore...
Greece Decorative Pot - TARRASH

Greece Decorative Pot

Rs.180,000.00 Rs.130,000.00
Elevate your space with our decorative pot, a masterpiece that adds a touch of elegance and charm. Whether as a focal point or an accent piece, this pot brings nature's...
Dragon Stone Decorative Piller - TARRASH

Dragon Stone Decorative Piller

Rs.120,000.00 Rs.100,000.00
Introducing the Dragon Stone Decorative Pillar, a symbol of strength and elegance. Crafted with intricate artistry, this pillar adds a touch of mystique to your space. Visit us to explore...

"Explore our curated collection of pots that illuminate your space with elegance. From stone to brass and wood, each piece is a work of art designed to elevate your decor. Visit us to discover how our artistic pot collection can infuse your surroundings with luxury, creating an ambiance that's both unique and captivating. 🪴🏠🌟✨"