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Abellona Decorative Pot - TARRASH

Abellona Decorative Pot

Rs.100,000.00 Rs.65,000.00
"Introducing the Abellona Round Illuminated Pot, a masterpiece crafted from stone that radiates light. Elevate your decor with this pot that adds a touch of enchantment and charm. Visit us...
Demi Stone Luminous Stone Pot - TARRASH

Demi Stone Luminous Stone Pot

Rs.200,000.00 Rs.125,000.00
Elevate your decor with the Demi Decorative Stone Pot that lights up, a harmonious blend of artistry and illumination. This piece adds a touch of enchantment to any space, creating...
Romba Lamp Set 2pc - TARRASH

Romba Lamp Set 2pc

"Experience the ultimate luxury with our Romba Lamp Set, meticulously crafted from brass with a brushed finish. Elevate your ambiance with this set that adds a touch of elegance, charm,...
Lino Alpha Lamp Set - TARRASH

Lino Alpha Lamp Set

"Introducing Lino Alpha, where a pristine white base meets bold golden accent lines. Elevate your space with this lamp that adds a touch of contemporary elegance and charm. Visit us...
Golden Triact Lamp Set 2pc - TARRASH

Golden Triact Lamp Set 2pc

Rs.100,000.00 Rs.65,000.00
"Introducing the Golden Triact Lamp Set, a trio of elegance in a pure gold textured finish. Elevate your space with these pieces that add a touch of opulence and allure....
Golma Lamp Set 2pc - TARRASH

Golma Lamp Set 2pc

Rs.120,000.00 Rs.95,000.00
"Experience the opulence of our Golma Lamp Set, radiating in a pure reflective gold finish. The glossy elegance of this set adds a touch of luxury to your space. Visit...
Lino Lamp Set 2pc - TARRASH

Lino Lamp Set 2pc

"Introducing the Lino Lamp in white, adorned with delicate gold accent lines. Elevate your ambiance with this piece that adds a touch of elegance and charm. Visit us to explore...

"Illuminate your space with our diverse range of lamps. From minimalist to artistic, each piece is a fusion of design and functionality. Visit us to explore a world of possibilities and find the lamp that perfectly complements your decor and ambiance. 💡🏠✨"